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Good Movement is a health and wellness company that works within indigenous and non-indigenous communities to create positive paths forward by way of fitness, sport, nutrition and traditional ways.

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Hockey Development


Good Movement Owner, Tyler Swag, started Good Movement in March 2023. Before this date, Tyler had been caught in a negative lifestyle and was in a cycle he had troubles getting out of. Needing a lifestyle change, he decided to look for something to fill the void and get him out of his negative habits/lifestyle. What Tyler found was fitness, and fitness was what got him out of the negative cycle he was in, and finally allowed him to move forward. With the unique perspective on how to get off of a negative path, and the drive and passion to help people, he created Good Movement. 

Good Movement was created for indigenous and non-indigenous communities to find "positive paths forward" by way of fitness, sport, nutrition and traditional ways. Tyler created the company to prevent anyone from following in his negative footsteps, but rather find positive paths to start to thrive from, like he has. 

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is here to provide the best possible experience for all programs through expertise, encouragement and positivity. We are here to help, and we are here to grow. Together. 

Upcoming Classes

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Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity to learn Traditional Dancing! Participants will learn a variety of techniques and be introduced to a new, fun way to keep active!

For all ages, genders, ethnicities and skill levels! Register Today!


Jump into 2024 with a bang.

Adult Athletic Training caters to all fitness levels and you will be encouraged to go at your own pace. Our fitness classes have a positive, encouraging and judgement free environment.

Register today!

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Good Movement currently offers programs in 3 locations (Lethbridge, Blood Tribe, Piikani).

The goal is to provide cost free programs on reserves and cost-friendly programs off reserves for all participants to start to thrive from. Good Movement's programs will undoubtedly create a solid foundation for everyone to grow from, as well as create new positive role models in our communities to help lead us in a positive direction.

Blood Tribe

Youth Group Fitness

Mondays & Wednesdays - 6-8PM

Adult Group Fitness

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 6-8PM

Fitness Trainer

Tyler Swag

Powwow Fitness

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 5:30-6:30PM


Taiann Devine

*Cost Free for Blood Tribe Members*

(Cor Van Raay YMCA)

Adult Athletic Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 7-8PM

Saturdays - 10-11AM

($15 Drop In)

Fitness Trainers

Kallen Simbulan & Connor Irvine

Traditional Dancing

Mondays - 5:30-6:30PM


Taiann Devine

(PRDL Building)

Family Fitness

Thursdays - 5-7PM

Fitness Trainer

Ty Provost

Hockey Fundamentals

Fridays - 2-4PM


Tyler Swag

*Cost Free for Piikani Nation Members*


Additional Services

Good Movement offers personalized plans! Tell us your goals, and we will assist you with crushing them!

Meal Plans

Fitness Plans

Online Coaching
Coming Soon

Essential Items

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Good Movement Merch

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Good Movement


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